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Docker Full Circle: Continuous Integration (CI) with Cypress

June 25, 2019

Learning Docker gives you greater flexibility in CICD pipelines. Continuous Integration tools like Circle CI and Jenkins can run your pipeline in a Docker container. Using our custom Dockerfiles, we build a container for your app, and one for the Cypress test runner to run end-to-end (e2e) tests against your application.

Docker for Frontend Devs - Learning the Command Line Interface

February 12, 2019

Learn the Docker CLI (Command Line Interface) to get comfortable managing images, and containers, and understand what Docker is, why we use it and the problems it aims to solve. Using the CLI you'll pull Docker images, create and destroy containers and mount volumes and network interfaces.

Writing a Custom TSLint Rule From Scratch

December 11, 2018

Use linting to enforce particular usage of an Angular directive. Building a custom TS lint rule will help your IDE identify mistakes before you even hit save. Catch mistakes sooner with a custom TSLint rule.